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VIDEO: Visual Representation of Skateboarders Relentless Determination

Really dope representation of the hard work and dogged determination it takes for a skater to get a clip. In most skate videos...

WATCH: Exploring an Abandoned New Jersey Ski Area

The Craigmeur Ski Area in Newfoundland, New Jersey was one of the most historic ski areas in the state. Operated from 1937 to...

Astronaut Snaps Picture of Keystone From Space

^Shane Kimbrough Astronaut Shane Kimbrough was aboard the International Space Station this time last year and managed to snap an incredible picture of Keystone...

Watch: Woman Lucky To Escape Devastating Roofalanch

In this video sent into Unofficial Networks, we see a woman walking down a street just moments before a massive chunk of ice...

Vail Resorts To Pay $13 Million In California Labor Lawsuit Settlement

Hamilton v. Heavenly Valley, a case in which employees of Vail Resorts sought action against the management company for illegal labor practices, was...