Some Idiotic Teenagers Burglarized A Utah Ski Resort


In this week’s edition of imbeciles burglarizing a ski resort, a group of teenagers have been put in the spotlight by a County Sheriff’s Office.

This week, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office released a video showing a bizarre incident at Sundance Mountain Resort. Back on June 9th, ten individuals traveled to the mid-station of the Outlaw Express chairlift. While there, they decided to touch the lift’s control buttons and destroyed two fire extinguishers. To conclude this round of dumbassery, they drew racist graffiti inside one of the lift’s structures. According to ABC4 Utah, they drew a swastika. Footage and photos of the scenes were captured by one of Sundance’s security cameras.

Around the same time, a home was burglarized, resulting in $15,000 in damages. The Sheriff’s Office believes that the two instances were related, due to the incident occurring 200 yards away from the mid-station.

Thanks to these intelligent individuals deciding to burglarize and vandalize the chairlift in broad daylight, the Sheriff’s office announced that they had identified the people involved. Hopefully, they’ll pay for the damages that they caused to Sundance.

Image/Video Credits: Utah County Sheriff’s Office/Sundance Mountain Resort

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