News Flash: Week of November 17, 2023


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Alta Ski Area postpones opening day

Unfortunately, the Mountain West is not having as precipitous of an early season as last year, which has forced some ski areas to push back its opening day, including Alta Ski Area. Currently, there is no projected opening day for the Little Cottonwood favorite.

Grand Targhee celebrates opening day today

On the other hand, some resorts in the Mountain West are fairing well and opening as scheduled like Grand Targhee. Wax those skis and get up to the Ghee!

Blizzard Tecnica announces 2024 W2W Hilaree Nelson Education Scholarship

With the intention of empowering women through their passion for mountain sports, Blizzard Tecnica has started the Hilaree Nelson Education Scholarship. To learn more and apply, click here.

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X Games announces Ski and Snowboard Knuckle Huck for WOMEN!

For 2024, X Games will finally have a Knuckle Huck competition for the ladies, both on the ski and snowboard side of things. It’s about time the ladies get a chance to flex their creativity in the fan-favorite category.

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Mac Forehand and Red Bull make history with inverted rail

Mac Forehand is no stranger to making ski history and his latest project with Red Bull solidifies his status as one of the best freeskiers in the game, and at just 22 years old! Read the full Q&A to get inside Forehand’s mind.

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Cody Townsend & Vivian Bruchez ski the Polar Star in Baffin Island

For the latest episode of Cody Townsend’s “The FIFTY Project,” Cody and crew make the arduous trek to Baffin Island to seek out the Polar Star. While the trip to get there was horrendous, the two pro skiers tick off the classic line on the first skiable day. Now what do they do with the next nine days?

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HAVE AN ADVENTURE with John Collinson

A human-powered think piece, “HAVE AN ADVENTURE” stars John Collinson and a collection of skiers who explore familiar terrain in search of new adventure around Utah’s famous backcountry.

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Tanner Hall drops latest project, XL, online

It’s no coincidence that T-Hall turned 40 this year and named his project “XL.” The number 40 in Roman numerals, “XL,” features T-Hall’s best skiing, and the legend shows you can still rip well into your adult life.

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