10 Winter Sports Social Media Accounts Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


Do you like skiing and/or snowboarding? Do you like memes? If you answered no, then I’m not sure why you opened this article. If you answered yes, then I have good news for you. Here are 10 social media accounts worth following if you like a combination of winter sports and comedy:

Jerry of the Day & First Team All Jerry

Jerry of the Day and their “official team” account First Team All Jerry are dedicated to bringing the best of the worst Jerry moments to the forefront. If you don’t know what a Jerry is, then you probably are one. Most of their posts show some of the worst faux pas on the mountain. In the offseason, they also share what Jerry shenanigans are happening off the slopes.

I-70 Things

This account is for anyone who has sat in traffic on I-70 in Colorado. Although I-70 Things covers all things ridiculous on this highway, a large portion of posts have to do with skier traffic. If you are seen driving with your ski rack open, be prepared to be exposed on I-70 Things.

Wasatch Mountain Memes

Wasatch Mountain Memes brings the best of everything that’s wrong with skiing in Utah. While Utah locals will appreciate the memes that rip apart the Little Cottonwood Gondola, other mountain enthusiasts will enjoy an onslaught of hilarious jokes.

Park Crew Hates You

This account is here to show the world what truly terrible terrain park etiquette looks like. There is absolutely no common sense found by the jerkfaces displayed in this account. Park Crew Hates You is a clear guide of what not to do if you find yourself in the park.

Angry Snowboarder

Angry Snowboarder is here to drink Zima and offend the masses. If you are a fan of insult comics, this guy has the goods. Sure many memes poke fun at skiers, but I can forgive it for the hilarious content. Would the Angry Snowboarder be offended that a skier likes his account? Probably not, because he’s too busy being angry at Jonathan Buckhouse.

Lift Lines Comics

Lift Line Comics delivers fresh, artist-created comics for the Jackson Hole locals. This account may be too Wyoming-focused for many people, but the annoyance towards tourists can be understood by anyone who considers themselves a ski town local.

Overheard Big Sky

Do you remember the show Kids Say the Darnedest Things? Package up that concept with vacationers who clearly didn’t do their research, and you get Overheard Big Sky. This account delivers on how little people know when they land in Bozeman.

Liftys Anonanus

I feel like a Jerry for saying this, but I didn’t realize until writing this post that the name of this account isn’t Anonymous. Liftys Anonanus is for anyone who is a lifty, was a lifty, or is friend/family of a lifty. Still, you will enjoy this account if you’ve ever seen someone completely misunderstand how a chairlift works.

Cy Whitling

Cy Whitling is a legitimate artist with a good sense of humor. This account regularly puts out iconic threads, with my favorite being the car stereotypes. Cy is a master of puns and highlights how insane skiing lingo sounds to the outside world.

Headline Photo Courtesy of Jerry of the Day, All other photos courtesy of the tagged accounts

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