VIDEO: Arizona Hiker Captures The Moment Flash Flood Cascades Over Cliff


“I beat the water to the wash by about 10 seconds. We had a short hard rain. And then wash ran hard and fast.”

Incredible footage from the arid southwest landscapes of the Arizona backcountry as a short blast of rainfall leads to flash flood event creating a temporary waterfall. The person behind the Instagram account Lucid Shadow Dreams is very well acquainted with terrain and knew just where to position herself to film the rush of water from a safe location. If you thought this is one off occurrence like me you’d be wrong. Christine has an Instagram page full of similar flash flood videos and its fantastic MORE HERE.

“This is an area I go to all the time. I’ve experienced this many many times. I know the wash. I know the path of the water. I know where to safely be to watch this. You can see more of this on my page. This was a particularly good flow. Often it is a smaller flow. At times I follow a trickle down the wash for hours waiting for it to reach the cliff. Sometimes it doesn’t make it to the end. It just depends on the type of rain that proceeds it. A hard quick rain is better than a lighter, longer rain. I have learned over many years the conditions that will produce a flow like this, and that’s when I jump in the car and head that way.”

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