Abandoned Pennsylvania Ski Area Set To Reopen


A ski area that’s located in the God’s Country of Pennsylvania is on the verge of reopening.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Ski Denton has found a new operator for the ski area. First opened back in 1951, it was known for its retro base lodge and terrain variety. Unfortunately, its remote location (it’s a 255-mile haul away from Philadelphia) factored into its closure in 2014. With Denton Go, LLC signing a thirty-five-year lease, it seems like the new operators are in it for the long run.

John Hallas, who’s director of Pennsylvania’s state parks, said the following in the public press release:

“We’re really excited to work with Denton Go to imagine how greater access and new recreational opportunities at the park can serve residents and draw visitors to the Pennsylvania Wilds region throughout the yearOutdoor assets like Denton Hill are an important part of rural economies, so revitalizing the park will help nearby communities, businesses, and attractions grow and thrive.”

The interesting part of this is that Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is planning to devote $10 million in capital improvements to get the ski resort back up and running. This means that new lifts, trails, and snowmaking guns could be coming. In addition, activities like mountain biking trails and dark sky gazing are planned in the offseason. These new activities are in order to create a more financially sustainable operation. You can read DCNR’s detailed master plan here.

In a press release to Save Denton Hill State Park, Denton Go, LLC, detailed their backgrounds in the local area, along with their plans for the mountain:

The ski area is known for Avalanche, which some people have claimed to be the steepest lift-serviced trail on the East Coast. While this likely isn’t true, it certainly looks steep. This video below is the only one I’ve found of the Avalanche trail. Unfortunately, I think that it was shot by someone who majored in Shaky Cam Studies at the Mt. Night Shyamalan School.

[embedded content]

A reopening timeline hasn’t been officially announced for Denton, but this is an intriguing development that will excite local skiers who are longing to shred Avalanche again.

Mountain Stats

Trails: 22

Lifts: 5

Skiable Acreage: 75

Vertical Drop: 650 feet

Location: Ulysses, Pennsylvania

Image/Video Credits: Google Earth, Save Denton Hill State Park, @chestermycheeto

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