Australian Man Fined $2,322 For Surfing With Pet Python


Here’s a weird one out of Australia where a surfer was fined $2,322 for riding waves with his pet python.

Higor Fiuza caught the attention of local authorities after footage emerged on social media of him surfing with his pet carpet python named Shiva at a Gold Coast beach. Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science issued Fiuza a fine of $2,322 for taking the reptile out in public without permission:

“The man was brought to our attention when he appeared in local media taking his python into the surf. Our investigation found the man had a permit to keep native animals, but he was issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice for breaching section 88a of the Nature Conservation Act. To take an animal out in public or display it requires a separate permit from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.” -Senior Wildlife Officer John McDonald

ABC reports Shiva and Higor have been surfing 10 times but I think the reptile’s days of snaking waves are over and done with.

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