Arsenic Anywhere Presents “With The Right Girls” (WTRG)


Another Arsenic project? Yeah, it’s gonna be a good one! In this mini tour de Utah, skiers Marist Wrenn, Ella Andrews, Drew Hooker and Marea Adams head to Woodward Park City and Brighton Resort, with only Wrenn and Hooker holding it down at the latter destination. This crew absolutely tears, and their skills on a rail are incredible. They slide metal like Ovechkin slides on ice, friggen naturals. While there’s no shortage of great female skiers, these four certainly represent WTRG. With winter a stone’s throw away, we can only hope to see more from Hooker and the crew this winter.

Do you want to look as fresh as they do? Do you want to tear up the park as well as they do? Truthfully you probably can’t, but you can get one step closer by copping some Arsenic Anywhere gear. Owner, operator, manufacturer, marketer and proprietor Dan releases new merchandise regularly, so don’t fret if what you’re looking for is sold out. There will be more up soon. Rest easy knowing your dollar is going towards a brand that represents and supports the best parts of freeskiing. Plus, the high-quality materials and beautiful designs speak for themselves. This is NOT a paid ad, Arsenic is just that good. Anywhere with the right people. Enjoy Marist Wrenn, Ella Andrews, Drew Hooker and Marea Adams in WTRG.

From YouTube –

with the right girls

any time, any place: wtrg 🙂

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