What Is The California Double?


Join Jordyn Romero and Rebecca Speak as they venture to complete the fabled “California Double” where you surf and ride shred the mountain in the same day. The pair start their day before dawn at Beacon’s Beach in Encinitas where they find some tasty swells and then jump in their RAV4 and cruise up to the San Bernardino Mountains where they catch a few laps at Big Bear Mountain Resort. What a way to spend a day.

In your opinion where in the world offers the best same day surf/ride options? On the rare occasion it snows in Hawaii, you got some badass surfing with some token skiing available but I hear there’s some funky islands off Alaska that have pristine slopes and perfect barrels (freezing cold but perfect). Sick option if you have the means to get there and the wherewithal to endure the frigid waters.

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