Colorado Resorts Receive First Snow Of The Season While Others Tease Snowmaking


Ski season is getting closer! Summit County in Colorado got a pre-season taste of some snowy peaks. Copper and Breckenridge stoked the hype with a flurry of pictures on their social media pages. Arapahoe Basin shared pics of their dusting on the COO’s blog.

While the snowy photos they shared are certainly exciting, neither Copper nor Breck are in the race to open first in Colorado. Copper is set to open on November 13, and Breck will open on November 10. A-Basin, on the other hand, is always looking to claim the prize. They shared on social media that they have begun setting up their snowmaking equipment. This is not a drill: snowguns are on the slopes of A-Basin.

Other contenders have been a little less bold online than last year’s first-to-open winner. In spite of planning a projected opening of October 15th, Keystone has been quiet, probably in large part due to A-Basin’s tenacity to beat them to the punch every year (especially after the insanity that was the 2019 opener). Although Loveland has struggled to open at the same time as these two resorts, they keep a countdown to snowmaking running on their website. Wolf Creek has been a frequent winner of the race to open but mums the word on their socials due to their reliance on natural snow.

Who will win the race to open in Colorado? Will a Colorado ski resort take the prize for the entire country? Stay tuned and stay hyped!

Featured Image Courtesy of Sarah Mclear, Breckenridge Ski Resort

Photos Courtesy of Copper, Sarah Mclear of Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin, and Loveland

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