This Overland RV Built On Humvee Platform Is Rather Capable


“The Patton was created to roam the earth. Two veterans from similar backgrounds came together to create the worlds first capable luxury off road home on wheels. This is not your typical RV.”

Super cool Veteran owned company out of Englewood, Colorado that has taken the iconic Military issue HMMWV and converted it into a comfortable overland vehicle complete with a kitchen, bathroom and helicopter rated sling hooks should you want to air drop your rig somewhere deep in the wilderness.

Wolf Rigs flagship vehicle The Patton don’t come cheap with a price tag of $350,000 for the base model but if you have deep pockets and are looking for a super capable mobile home they are worth further investigation.

In the FAQ section of Wolf Rig’s website they address the elephant in the room that many of you may have been thinking of…while badass, H1s are notoriously unreliable and provide a rather bumpy ride. Here’s a bit on that:

I can’t tell you how many times I see a veteran say ,”I used to ride in those… always breaking and always a rough ride.”

As a Veteran myself, I know. The ride on your new Patton will not even resemble your memory of it. In fact it is so comfortable I personally have taken it on many long road trips with a HUGE smile on my face and no problems. Even though we are only 8,700lbs dry, it is enough to mellow the springs out and give you a smooth ride. Now is this a “Cadillac” smooth ride? No, if you’re looking for that, this is not your vehicle.

To address the “always breaking”… remember, how you were at 18 years old? Remember how you drove? yeah…. These things were designed and built to take abuse. The problematic parts we swapped out for more reliable systems, i.e. the drivetrain. MORE INFO HERE.

If you’re interested in purchasing a rig the turnaround is currently between 6-8 months right now but they are working hard to shorten that to 4 months. Take a video tour of The Patton and find the specs below. Cheers.

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The Chassis:

  • Military issue HMMWV ( This is the heart and soul of our build )

  • Complete new/re-manufactured drivetrain, New Cummins 5.9 turbo @ 425HP & 850ftlbs of torque will get you 16+ miles to the gallon, Allison 1000, 6 speed Auto Transmission & 242 Transfer case, New Drive shafts, New Half shafts, Rebuilt front and rear differentials, 5 New 37,13.5×17 All Terrain or Mud Terrain tires with new Black Rhino rims.

  • Military issue front and rear springs with new shocks. (Air ride coming and can be retro fitted to older builds.)

  • New Hummer style front doors with locks and electric windows.

  • New billet aluminum style dashboard with all new gauges, switches and keyed.

  • AC for front running cab.

  • New Custom cross stitch style driver and passenger seats.

  • Front steel push/brush bar.

  • 25,000lb Sherpa Stallion winch with synthetic recovery rope.

  • Helicopter rated sling hooks ( You know, if you want to air drop your “Patton” on top of the trail first. )

  • Integrated cameras for 360 viewing while driving also becomes security system when parked.

  • 2” receiver hitch.

  • 7 pin trailer connection.

  • All new LED exterior lights.

  • This is a brand new Humvee for all intensive purposes and comes with a 3 year unlimited mile warranty. As even the original built Humvees with the 6.5 turbo, this newly built chassis will have twice the HP and twice the Torque with twice the MPG as it’s predecessor.

The “Patton” ambulance style body: 

  • 1/8” wall interior tube skeleton with 1/8” aluminum skin with 14 gauge edge strapping all riveted in place with panel bond on all joints. This top is one you can barrel through the shrubs without concern of damage.

  • Mil-Spec paint over entire exterior. With or without the Wolf Rigs logo.

  • Insulated double pane windows with screens and blackout shades.

  • Rear “ambulance style” doors to open up for garage access.

  • Garage will have boom style crane with Sherpa ATV winch for lifting full size spare tire in and out.

  • There is tons of room & mounts for extra fuel cans, water cans, traction mats, ropes, surf boards, ski equipment, climbing equipment etc…

  • Roof rack has room for solar and TV antenna/satellite hook up.
  • LED flood lights for front, back, side illumination. Individually turned on.

  • All stairs and garage have LED access illumination.

  • Side access door with shaded window & biometric/coded handle. The “jet style” stairs retracted or open so you can come and go as you please.

  • Exterior hooks for outdoor kitchen when stopped for a while.

  • Ostrich 180 degree awning, in you guessed it, olive green.

  • 10,000 lb rated slings for your sling mounts for your “Chinook” excursions.

  • Locking billet aluminum access ports for water, electric, fuel filling.


  • There are 2 interior layouts; One has the shower up front with a plush leather booth style bench in back which can seat 6 has 4 seat belts and can be folded out for two or more to sleep. Or just relax as you’re touring the countryside. The other floorplan original Prototype came with the bench seat up front with the shower in the back. 

  • Real wood finishes, yes REAL WOOD !!! From the roof liner, shiplap siding to the cabinetry and trim. Real wood is on the floor.

  • The hardwood tables can rotate in or out of the way for ease of use where you want it. Or in place for the party you’re about to throw.

  • All cabinets are mortise and tenon joinery. Saves on weight as adds strength. It’s built to last.

  • Lots of storage both above and behind the kitchen. ( Some call it a “galley”, but this ain’t no boat. )

  • Cubbies, lights and stow areas can keep your electronics charged, or your books stowed.

  • Skylight over the sleeping cabin opens up to the stars. Full shade & screens for privacy as well as keeping the bugs out. Or open all the way to access the solar panels on the roof. (Keeping them clean helps.)

  • All lighting is “cool white” lighting that are all on dimmers. No “blue light special” here. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the location and areas “lit up” to make this look and feel like a palace!

Kitchen & Bath

  • Deep stainless kitchen sink with wood cover that doubles as a cutting board.

  • The stove is a 2 burner cooktop.

  • Extra area for prep.

  • Dometic 2 sided freezer/fridge allows you to store 2.648 cuft of food/drinks.

  • Real butcher block wood countertops.

  • Faucet is brushed nickel finish, again, no plastic !!

  • Lots of secure storage that will hold plates, glasses etc. in their place on those rough roads.

  • Completely closed off shower/bathroom with hidden toilet. You will think you’re in a 5 star hotel, not an overland vehicle, let alone a Humvee.

  • Real tile, wait, WHA…. Yes, the tile in the bathroom and backsplashes are real ceramic light tile. None of this plastic crap you see elsewhere. We have a system tried and tested for severe vibration without breakage.

  • The toilet is another “Wolf Rigs” exclusive design. It actually slides in and out of the cabinet next to the shower so when showering, it’s out of your way. When you need it, the teak door opens to expose and out slides your Laveo Dry Flush tm toilet. Exhaust fan in bath.

  • Aluminum & teak shelving with catches allow you to use your soap the way you want, yet keep them secure during travel.

  • All faucets are brushed nickel finished, no plastic !!

  • Retractable clothesline for hanging your swim trunks after cliff diving.

  • There is a exterior shower in case you are THAT dirty or just want to wash the dog off instead of bringing all that dirt inside.


  • Battleborn 500ah battery bank with 3000w inverter. Charge controller, integrated screen system shows all functions, levels and processes. Can charge off of solar (800watts), shore power or vehicle alternator. Truly an “off grid” system that will run all components in your rig as well as your laptop/projector. System is integrated into vehicle where if need be can start your rig if your chassis batteries can’t.

  • Starlink internet system for all your streaming needs. Or go black out and disappear.

  • All wiring is marine grade stranded/tinned wire. Exceeds all UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charter boat (CFR title 46) and ABYC standards.

  • Plenty of 110, 12v and USB outlets throughout cabin for all your electrical needs.

  • 30AMP shore power hookup for when you’re not off grid.

  • Aquahot boiler system, this unit heats the cab, keeps air nice and toasty warm & your hot water on demand. All while it sips diesel.

  • 20,000 BTU Air conditioner that runs off your 12v system for those hot areas. This coupled with the AC system in the driving cab of the Humvee, you’ll have a virtual ice box if you so desire.

  • The 60 gallon fresh and 28 gallon grey tanks give you the ability to be completely off grid for up to a month at a time, or indefinitely if close to a water source.

  • The emergency water evacuation system allows you to protect the system in case of extreme deep freeze with no power. This only happens when power is completely lost, which should never happen, yet, being the “boy scout”, we plan for what could happen.

  • Fire, CO alarms give you piece of mind, as well as 2 on board fire extinguishers, one in the drivers front seat ( just as stock with military HMMWV’s) and one under the sink in the kitchen area.

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