Snowmaking System Failure Leads To Mudslide At Telluride


On Friday, people in the town of Telluride woke up to a surprising sight. A mudslide was flowing down to the Carhenge Base Area. The water and debris reached the buildings in the base area around Lift 7, leading to minor damage.

On Friday afternoon, Telluride Ski Resort went on social media to explain what happened. A failure in their snowmaking system on Thursday night led to a large mudslide and debris flowing down the Stumper trail.

Tellurides’ Marshal’s Department, Public Works, and Fire Protection District responded to the scene. The ski resort is cleaning up the mess, and hopefully, they keep that dirt pile for a sick jump for this upcoming winter. Due to this mudslide, access to the front side of Telluride, including the Telluride Trail, is currently closed.

We had someone anonymously send us some photos of the damage caused by the mudslide. The person alleges that the slide was due to a water main break in their snowmaking system. The slide led to dislodged boulders, which landed throughout the base areas, and even into some of the pools. Lots of gallons of water were likely lost as a result of the snowmaking system break. The damage caused will definitely keep the Moutain Operation’s team busy before the 2023-24 season starts.

Image Credits: Telluride Ski Resort

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