Climbers Passed By Guy With Complete Absence Of Any Safety Gear


This video gives me the chills. I can never imagine being on a cliff wall without even a rope attached to me with that much confidence and that cool demeanor. This guy looks like he’s going for a beer run, not one wrong move from certain death.

Free soloing is an exceptionally perilous form of rock climbing where climbers ascend without the use of ropes, harnesses, or any protective equipment. It is widely regarded as the most dangerous style of climbing due to the complete absence of safety gear. Free soloists rely solely on their climbing skill, physical prowess, mental focus, and intimate knowledge of the route to reach the summit.

My buddy and I were climbing the Dark Shadows route at Red Rocks when we were passed by a free climber. He was very polite about asking to pass. After a few minutes I made myself safe and let him by. I watched in awe as he cruised passed. I was about 275′ above the ground when he approached, which is the third pitch, rated 5.8.

David Colhoun

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