Burton is Practically Giving Away These Midweight Base Layer Hoodies


Burton Men’s Midweight X Base Layer Long Neck Hoodie

This innovative Burton midway base layer comes with not only a hood but a built-in buff to protect your face and prevent snow from getting down your collar.

Men’s Burton Midweight X Base Layer Long Neck Hoodie

A quick drying, midweight base layer with a built-in hood and face mask for fending off the stormiest days.

There’s warm and then there’s the Burton Midweight X Base Layer Long Neck Hoodie. Its built-in neck warmer and face mask set you up for a dreamy day on the hill, no matter the weather. The whole shebang is super breathable, so you stay comfy all day long. Pull up the hood, deploy the face mask, and ride into the storm…or maybe away from it.

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