A Couple Who Bought A Mountain Home Shocked To Discover A Huge Indoor Pool


A couple who fulfilled their dream of purchasing a new home were in for a surprise when they uncovered a hidden pool beneath the floorboards. Emily Jean Henry, 28, and her husband Jeffrey, 30, were captivated by the allure of a 23-acre property and acquired it for $375,000 in July. High school sweethearts Emily and Jeffrey, with two school-aged children, had been seeking a place to establish their roots before discovering this ideal location in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Excited about their prospects of creating a life together in their expansive abode, the couple decided to include floor renovation in their plans. As they began to remove the existing flooring throughout the house, they reached the room with the sagging floor and presumed that replacing it would be straightforward.

However, their expectations were overturned when they discovered a pool, still intact, beneath the wooden flooring.

Emily recalled the unnerving experience of discovering they had been standing above the empty pool space with only a few supporting beams between them and the pool’s base. The room appeared to be hermetically sealed from the rest of the house and was waterproof. Despite its concealed existence, the pool had been functional and in use for around two to three decades without causing any damage to the walls, flooring, or ceiling.

The couple now faces the decision of how to proceed with this unexpected discovery. Although they are considering quotes from contractors to restore the pool and hot tub, the substantial cost involved might lead them to abandon this endeavor if it exceeds $30,000. Despite the challenges, Emily and Jeffrey are excited about the potential opportunities that this hidden treasure holds for their new home.

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