Three Colorado Companies Work To Bring A New Life To Your Old Skis And Snowboards


Hey Colorado skiers! Got an old pair of skis laying around that you’re planning to just throw away? Maybe a few old snowboards that your kids have grown out of? Don’t just toss them! They may be useless to you, but the people over at Ridwell will find some way to recycle them!

Ridwell mainly focuses on recycling plastic film, clothes and textiles, household batteries, plastic containers, and things like that, but their August item of the month was skis! Rather than just recycling the materials, though, Ridwell contacted Colorado Ski Chairs, a company specifically focused on upcycling old skis to create custom furniture. They don’t just make your typical ski adirondack chair that might be sitting in the corner of your favorite après ski bar. They’ll make tables, benches, barrel sets, and even full blown patio sets, all out of old skis and snowboards.

Ridwell’s contact with Colorado Ski Chairs managed to bring in one more Colorado company, Après Ski Jewelry. Artist/skier Heather Mullins uses the scraps from her other company, Relevant ReUse, and other sources to make unique jewelry. Materials used include, of course, skis, but also bike tubes, wood, fire tube, and much more.

All three of these companies have worked together to keep skis and snowboards out of the landfills.

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Featured Image Credit: Colorado Ski Furniture via Facebook

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