Brighton Resort Planning To Add Chondola


A new high-speed six-pack chairlift, a mid-mountain lodge, mountain biking trails, parking reservations, and (possibly) a chondola are coming to Brighton Resort.

Last week, Aimee Cook from TownLift caught up with Jared Wrinkler, who is the Senior Director of Marketing at Brighton, to talk about the new Sidewinder Grill, which will be Brighton’s first mid-mountain lodge. In the article, Jared described one of their future goals for Brighton:

“In the future, we plan to have a ‘chondola’, a chairlift/gondola lift that will take people to the area so they can either ski or just ride it up. This is a solution that was needed on the mountain; restrooms, food, and the views are spectacular.”

This would be a notable difference from Brighton’s current lift fleet. Brighton currently has a six-pack chairlift under construction, two high-speed quads, one fixed-grip quad chairlift, one fixed-grip triple chairlift, and multiple surface lifts. Boyne Resorts, which owns Brighton, is no stranger to chondolas. At one of the resorts they own, Sunday River, they have a chondola, which opened back during the 2008-09 season.

These plans have yet to be submitted to the US Forest Service, which is required for construction to commence, so it doesn’t seem like it’s coming in the near future.

The TownLift article also includes some more details about the mid-mountain lodge. The new lodge will consist of three repurposed shipping containers. One of the containers will contain the bathrooms, while the two others will have the kitchen spaces. Attached to these containers will be two separate dining hall spaces, which will be able to handle more than 100 people. There will also be a 7,600-square-foot patio, which will have a heated terrace to melt snow and ample seating.

The new mid-mountain lodge and the new Doppelmayr D-line high-speed six-pack chairlift are expected to be completed before the 2023-24 season.

Image Credits: Brighton Resort, Sunday River Resort

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