Why Europe’s Tallest Peaks Are Getting More Deadly


Climate change has led to the rapid melting of glaciers, especially in the Alps. Since the 1890s, the glaciers on Mt. Blanc that once reached the valley floor are far from what they once were. With another warm summer in Europe, the future of glaciers in Europe looks bleak.

This week, YouTuber Aidin Robbins broke down how rapid the deterioration has been. Aiden focuses mostly on Mont-Blanc, which is one of the major hubs for winter sports on the planet. He saw firsthand the decline these glaciers have experienced over the past century. This means that avalanches, glacial collapses, and rock slides are becoming more common, making being on these peaks more risky to climb on.

The video also discusses the weather during 2022, where an underwhelming winter and a warm summer have led to the snow melting much quicker than usual. The heat wave became so bad that they had to shut down Mt. Blanc to climbers. The summer also featured a glacier’s collapse in Italy, killing eleven people. This past year has seen similar weather patterns, with French mayors asking climbers not to go on Mont-Blanc.

So if you’re skeptical of climate change, give this video down below a watch, and you may start taking it a bit more seriously.

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Image Credits: Jean-Baptiste D. (Featured Image), Simon Fitall (Header Image)

Video Credit: Aidin Robbins

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