Corbet’s Couloir Is Much More Intimidating Without The Snow


Corbet's Couloir is a whole different beast when there is no snow.

We’ve all heard about Corbet’s Couloir, the infamous ski run at Jackson Hole, time and time again. It’s probably one of the most iconic ski runs in North America, if not the most. Every year, skier after skier makes their way to the edge of the beast only to turn around in fear.

But the occasional fearless skier, or just straight up professional, will take the plunge, sometimes landing an incredible run that gets the crowd hype, sometimes taking a brutal tumble that still usually gets the crowd pretty hype.

Compared to what it looks like in the summer, though, a snow covered Corbet’s looks like a kiddy playground…

There doesn’t seem to be much recreating in Corbet’s Couloir during the summer. Climbing seems dangerous because of loose rock, and it’s certainly too steep to hike. Peaking over the edge is probably enough. Someday, though, I’m sure some insane mountain biker will drop in with no snow (they’ve already done it on snow).

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Image Credit: Jackson Hole via Instagram

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