Patrick Mahomes Shows Off His Summer Wake Surfing Skills


I’m not sure if it’s fun seeing incredible athletes crush it in other sports, or incredibly frustrating. I mean, I would only say I’m a pretty solid skier, definitely not a stellar skier, and that’s the only sport I can really claim to be good at. And yet here’s Patrick Mahomes, showing that his skills are no where near limited to football…

Took the 🏈 GOAT @patrickmahomes out wakesurfing for his first time! Dudes an athlete, dropped the rope first go 🤙 @mcboatcompany” – Steel Lafferty

Okay, so maybe he’s not that great at wake surfing. He’s certainly no Mikaela Shiffrin, but at least he can do it! That’s more than a lot of people!

As a New Englander from day one, I do take some pretty serious offense to the claim that Patrick Mahomes is the “GOAT”. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if Tom Brady tried wake surfing, he’d probably be landing easy an 360° and other tricks within a few attempts.

You know what? I take that back. Have you seen Brady’s attempt at hitting a ski jump? He’d probably flop pretty hard while wake surfing, but at least it’d be pretty funny!

Image Credit: Steel Lafferty via Instagram

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