After a historical flood, Okemo re-opens for summer activities


Featured Image: Courtesy of Vermont Community Foundation

Massive amounts of water pooled in the small ski town of Ludlow, Vermont, demolishing homes, businesses and the famous Okemo Mountain Resort. Located just three hours from Boston, Okemo has been a Vermont skiing staple since opening in 1956 and holds the title of having the largest vertical drop in the state. With over 121 trails, Okemo is one of Vermont’s largest ski resorts, so news of its damages has been tough on the vibrant community of skiers. The flooding started in July due to unexpected torrential downpours, causing locals to kayak through the roads they once drove on to reach Okemo. The flood was unsparing and reached Okemo Resort seeping into lodge buildings. 

We’re all worried about the effects of the flooding on the 23/24 ski season. FREESKIER sat down with Okemo Resort for the latest report on the situation.

Montpelier | PHOTO: Courtesy of Vermont Community Foundation

The terrain is accustomed to rainy weather, so “physical damage to Okemo Mountain Resort was minimal,” explains Joe Healy, Communications Manager at Vail Resorts. “We received some bumps and bruises, but nothing that cannot be fixed.” For those wondering how the gondolas are working after the flooding, Okemo has seen “erosion caused by the heavy rains and flowing water, but no impacts to machinery or equipment. The shovel and excavation work patching up those areas is nearly complete,” said Healy. Minor repairs are on their way and will be completed well before you slip on your favorite pair of sticks next winter. As for now, “The Adventure Zone at Jackson Gore, Okemo Bike Park, scenic chairlift rides and all food-and-beverage services are expected to open on Thursday, July 27,” explains Healy.

During this difficult time, the Okemo community “opened up Jackson Gore Inn and the Coleman Brook Tavern, both located in Jackson Gore Base Area, for breakfast and dinner” for anyone displaced by the flooding, as well as anyone in need of a warm meal. Okemo’s endless support doesn’t end there. To help their riders back on their feet, Okemo “provided truckloads of Nature Valley Bars, Gatorade and other supplies to the community in addition to machinery for the removal of debris,” said Healy. 

Ludlow aftermath | PHOTOS: Courtesy of Vermont Community Foundation

The skiing community is powerful, so if you would like to help Vermont skiers back into their boots use this link to donate to Vermont flooding relief. 

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