4×4 Japanese Import Converted Into Mobile Ski Chalet


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The uniqueness of “van life” seems to be disappearing. With enough money, you can easily buy a big ol’ van and pay to have it converted into a mobile tiny home. Plus, with a rise in working from home among a large number of career types, there isn’t necessarily a reason to stay in one spot. Head to any ski resort parking lot, trailhead, or campsite and you’ll see plenty of these vehicles. There isn’t much wrong with that, but it does seem like the cool converted vans that we love are becoming harder and harder to find, and that’s a little sad.

Fortunately, there are still people out there like Glenn Mackie, who are putting in the work to keep the roads and campsites cool. The 4×4 Japanese import, despite being fairly small, is so well built and planned out. Even though it sits on wheels, this tine house really does look like a home.

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I love seeing how people plan things out in their custom mobile tiny homes. How does storage work, how comfortable can it be, how is power handled, etc. Glenn does a great job with this setup. He can fit a ton of skis, a bike, climbing gear, and whatever else he needs for the fun side of things. At the same time, though, he can convert the bed to a chair to get work done, and the solar panels provide most of the power he needs.

The other van life tours featured on the Different Media. YouTube channel are super cool. Make sure to check them out if you like that kinda thing. Also, if you have a cool camper van build, shoot it my way.

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Image Credit: Different Media. via YouTube

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