Wyoming Ski Resort Hosts Everest Challenge (Hike 29,029ft in 36 hours)


Participants at Snow King Mountain “Everesting” challenge may not have had to deal with hypoxia or some of the most extreme weather on earth recreating the vertical gain one experiences summiting the world’s tallest mountain but climbing 29,029ft in 36 hours is no doubt an impressive feat. The challenge consisted of 19 loops of a 1,527 vertical foot trail that took hikers up the Wyoming ski resort. Once hikers reached their destination, they hopped on a gondola down to repeat the process. This is the definition of a sufferfest and we congratulate everyone who took part and especially the ones that completed it. Cheers!

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The Everesting challenge is a grueling endurance feat that involves cycling or running the cumulative height of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, which stands at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet). Participants must ascend and descend the same hill or segment repeatedly until they reach the accumulated elevation gain of 8,848 meters, which represents the equivalent of scaling Mount Everest from sea level.

This challenge was popularized in 2014 by an Australian cyclist named Andy van Bergen, who founded the “Everesting” website to track and verify attempts. The rules state that participants must complete the challenge in one continuous effort, with no time limits on how long it takes to accomplish. While the distance covered can vary depending on the incline of the chosen hill, it typically ranges between 150 and 250 kilometers (93 to 155 miles).

The Everesting challenge demands exceptional physical and mental endurance, as participants often spend hours, if not days, on their bikes or running to complete the elevation gain. It has attracted a growing community of ultra-endurance athletes and cycling/running enthusiasts worldwide, seeking to push their limits and test their resilience in pursuit of this extraordinary accomplishment. Successful Everesters join an exclusive club, proudly wearing their virtual “Everesting” badge as a symbol of their remarkable achievement.

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