71-Year-Old Man Collapses At Death Valley National Park Trail Head


71-year-old man collapsed at Death Valley National Park

A 71-year-old Los Angeles man died at a Death Valley trail head on Tuesday. According to a news release from the park, the man, whose name is yet to be made public, collapsed near a bathroom at Golden Canyon.

Park visitors spotted the mad around 3:40pm and immediately called 911 for assistance. National Park Service and Inyo County Sheriff’s Office responded, with ark rangers arriving at 3:47pm. They used both CPR and an AED in attempt to save the man, but it was unsuccessful.

Though the park has not officially identified a cause of death, park rangers do believe heat was at least a factor. The official temperature near by at the time of the man’s collapse was 120°F, and the man was likely hiking on the trail. He was reportedly wearing a sun hat, hiking clothing, and a backpack at the time of the incident.

Death Valley has now recorded 28 days where temperatures reached over 110°F this year. This is possibly the second heat related death to occur in the park this year, with a 65-year-old man dying in his car in early July.

If you plan to visit Death Valley National Park, or any park for that matter, make sure you read and understand any safety tips. Drink at least a gallon of water per day, for example, and ensure that you carry plenty of extra water in your car. Additionally, stay on paved roads if you’re driving, and stay with your car if it breaks down. Make sure you have a planned route ahead of time, and don’t rely on technology as service can be spotty and phones can die.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased.

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Image Credit: Death Valley National Park via Facebook

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