The History Of A Famous Abandoned Southern California Ski Area


One of the most unique abandoned ski areas in the United States is Krakta Ridge. Located in the San Gabriel Mountains outside of Los Angeles, it helped shape California’s ski culture. While it’s been closed since 2001, it’s still easily accessible for those who want to visit.

It was most known for its rare single chairlift. Two incidents to this chairlift: an avalanche that took out multiple chairs, and a fire that burned down the base terminal, led to the ski area’s ultimate closure.

Skier72 covered the history of the ski area in his most recent episode of The Lost Resorts. The video down below covers its relationship how the ski area, the ownership era of the Hensley family, it’s renaming to Snowcrest, a car crash that changed the direction of the ski area, its relationship with the nearby Mt. Waterman, the closure of the ski area, and the topography of Krakta Ridge.

So if you’re making a trip to Los Angeles in the future, this is a place to check out.

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