Ski Parents Angry as Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay Out


A Brighton school had to cancel an Easter ski trip to Italy because of delays at Dover last winter. No refunds have been able to be claimed. NEW

Pupils at the Dorothy Stringer school in Brighton turned back following a 14-hour wait on their coach.

We reported on the delays at the time on PlanetSKI:

They were organisational issues at Dover caused by Brexit paperwork and additional workloads to border forces following the UK leaving the EU.

Parents have been told they are now unable to claim nearly £1,400 paid for the holiday.

Insurer AXA said they “sympathise” with the parents, but the reasons for cancellation were not covered by their policy.

One parent, Maggie Johnston, said the situation was “really unfair”.

“Like many families we can’t afford to pay for another trip all over again,” she said to the BBC.

“We’ve not had a trip, and we’ve not had our money back, so it’s a double loss,” she added.

See here for the full story on the BBC

In a statement, AXA Partners said: “The tour operator’s reason for cancelling the trip was due to long delays experienced at the Port of Dover and unfortunately, this is not covered under the policy terms.

“We recommend that customers thoroughly review policy terms & conditions prior to purchasing travel insurance.”

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