Idiot Yellowstone Tourists Get Subaru Stuck Driving On Prohibited Beach


Another day another instance of Yellowstone tourists acting a fool. Apparently, this driver wasn’t satisfied with the parking lot situation at Yellowstone Lake and decided to drive their Subaru on the loose gravel shore where they promptly got stuck. Lucky for them, Rick Tilbury was on the scene and quickly organized a group of people help push them out, which he later regretted. The concensus in the comments was they should have left them be and called the rangers so they would have been properly penalized for their blatant disregard of the rules. Instead they got their push and drove off without even saying thank you. Terrible.

“They didn’t even say thank you. As soon as I stepped on that gravel berm my feet sunk and my socks were wet for the rest of my ride through the Park. The new day of “Me” we’re living in.” -Rick Tilbury

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