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Are 4th Of July Drone Shows The Future For Mountain Towns?


Drone shows have become a more common form of entertainment over the past few years. Who could forget the incredible synchronization of 500 drones at the 2022 Super Bowl? As drones become more ubiquitous in celebrations, they may prove to be a safer alternative for delicate mountain communities.

2022 was a year of incredible draught here in Colorado. As a result of the severe wildfire danger, many mountain towns cancelled their 4th of July fireworks displays. Some towns opted for drone shows instead, allowing for a beautiful display of lights in the sky that removed the risk of setting the mountains ablaze. This spring of 2023 has been fortunately rainy, and many towns have resumed their fireworks shows. However, some towns across the country have chosen to make drone shows the new norm for various reasons. Most notably according to Westword, the Chicago suburb of Highland Park will use drones to prevent loud noise from triggering PTSD in the town’s residents who experienced a mass shooting on Independence Day last year.

Drone shows as replacements for fireworks ultimately makes sense for mountain communities. Mountain towns are adored for their seamless integration into the outdoors, and protecting the wilderness should always be a top priority. Drone shows virtually eliminate the risk of wildfires in these sensitive communities that are surrounded by trees. They significantly reduce loud noise that disturbs the local wildlife. They still serve as a source of entertainment for the tourists that stimulate the local economy. And they allow city employees to keep all of their fingers. As someone who lives in a high wildfire danger zone, I hope to see more drone shows in the future.

Relive the drone show magic at the 2022 Super Bowl below:

[embedded content]

Photos and Video Courtesy of CGTN and Geoscan Drone Show

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