Sweden 2030 Olympic Bid Gains Momentum


The Swedish Olympic Committee is set to continue looking at bidding for the 2030 Winter Olympics following positive results from a feasibility study. It is rapidly becoming the favourite after others loose interest.

The feasibility study stated in February to look at practical details and assess the public support.

“Our preliminary study shows that Sweden has the opportunity, know-how and will to arrange the Winter Games in 2030,” said President of the Swedish Olympic Committee,  Hans von Uthmann.

“I have informed the IOC that Sweden wants to proceed to step two of the process and the IOC has welcomed us to the next phase, which is ongoing dialogue.”

In the earlu stages of bidding for the 2030 Games Sapporo in Japan, Vancouver in Canada and Salt Lake City in the USA were in the mix.

All have withdrawn or showed dwindling interest as we have reported:

So, what does the Swedish bid look like?

  • Ice sports would take place in Stockholm
  • Nordic events would be held in Falun
  • Skiing and snowboarding would happen Åre and Östersund

The feasibility study claims that than seven out of 10 Swedes supported hosting the Games as long as they can be sustainable, democratic and cost-effective.

The organisers claim that a Swedish Games would be “setting a new standard for the future in terms of ecology, social aspects, and economics.”

Sweden will now go into further detail and conduct more intense dialogue with the International Olympic Committee.

The host for 2030 will be announced no later than the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on July 26th 2024.

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