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Patagonia Sues Nordstrom Over Alleged Counterfeit Clothing Sold At Stores


Outdoor clothing company Patagonia has recently taken legal action against retail giant Nordstrom, alleging Nordstrom sold thousands of fake sweatshirts and T-shirts at their Rack locations. Patagonia claims that Nordstrom has been selling products that closely resemble its own, causing confusion among consumers and diluting the Patagonia brand.

Patagonia made efforts to avoid litigation, it “brought this problem to Nordstrom’s attention and requested that the company voluntarily recall the products or reimburse customers,” but Nordstrom allegedly “failed to recall these fake, mislabeled Patagonia-branded products (or even inform its customers that they purchased counterfeits of inferior fabrication and quality).” As a result, Patagonia says that it was forced to file this lawsuit against Nordstrom “to prevent further harm to [its brand] and consumers.”

Images from court filing show tags show they claim to be 100% cotton, but the care tags indicate the product is made entirely from polyester.

Trademark infringement lies at the heart of Patagonia’s legal action. The company argues that Nordstrom’s imitation products are likely to mislead consumers into believing they are purchasing genuine Patagonia merchandise. This alleged violation of intellectual property rights undermines Patagonia’s brand reputation, built over decades through a commitment to sustainability and high-quality outdoor gear.

As a company renowned for its environmental advocacy and commitment to corporate responsibility, Patagonia’s decision to pursue legal action against Nordstrom aligns with its brand values. The company has long been vocal about protecting its intellectual property and maintaining the integrity of its products. By filing this lawsuit, Patagonia aims to send a message that it will not tolerate infringement upon its brand identity and will vigorously defend its rights.

The outcome of this lawsuit holds significant implications for both Patagonia and Nordstrom. If the court rules in favor of Patagonia, Nordstrom may be required to cease selling the disputed products and pay damages to Patagonia. Patagonia is requesting that Nordstrom recall all counterfeit Patagonia products sold.

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