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Palisades Tahoe Announces Reservation-in-Advance and Paid Parking for Next Season


In a recent blog post, Palisades Tahoe unveiled some developments that will shape the upcoming winter for North Lake Tahoe skiers and riders.

With a strong focus on enhancing the guest experience, Palisades Tahoe is introducing a reservation system and a paid parking program. The reservation system aims to optimize the skiing and snowboarding experience by aiming to build a comfortable and enjoyable environment on the slopes. Guests will be able to secure reservations for specific days or time slots during peak periods, minimizing overcrowding and improving safety.

Additionally, Palisades Tahoe will be implementing a paid parking program to encourage carpooling, public transportation, and sustainable transportation options. This initiative will help reduce traffic congestion and minimize the resort’s environmental impact.

We will keep you up to date about this new change in policies at Palisades Tahoe, but for now, here is some more information from their blog post.

Looking Forward: New Solutions to Traffic Impacts for the 2023/24 Season


For Saturdays and Sundays starting mid-December through March (and possibly into April depending on demand) as well as the holiday timeframes of December 26-31, 2023, January 13-15, 2024, and February 17-25, 2024, we will be moving to a program that is a mix of free and paid reserve-in-advance parking for all guests. There will be a few exceptions, for example, Achieve Tahoe, Palisades Tahoe employees, Ski Team families, and Village commercial tenants and their employees. This program will not be implemented outside of the dates above and will be eased off if demand is less than expected. As guests depart in the early afternoon on peak days, we will remove reservations/paid parking restrictions.


We are currently examining what drop-off and mass transit options could be so that guests can avoid reservations or paid parking. We plan to build upon past initiatives and recent pilot programs to give our guests options to get to the resort outside of paid parking. We are also learning what has worked well (or not) from other resorts across the nation that have implemented similar systems. We realize that additional alternatives that are convenient and easy to use will also need to be implemented and we are working through all of those options.

We wanted to give you a heads-up on this change and admittedly, do not have all the answers at this time. Please stay tuned for additional information.


Will all parking be pay-to-park next season? 

No. Parking reservations will ONLY need to be made for the Saturdays, Sundays, and select holiday periods noted above. Fees will apply from daybreak to midday; after that, all parking will be free. We ask for your patience as we continue to work through the details.

If I have an Ikon Pass, will I need to pay or make a reservation on peak weekends and holidays? 

Yes, on Saturdays, Sundays, and select holiday periods, everyone will be required to have a paid reservation, regardless of what type of pass (or other product) you have.

How much will it cost per vehicle?

This is an unknown at this time. We do, however, plan to reinvest the funds generated for buses and transportation initiatives.

Is this for both Alpine and Palisades?

Yes, both mountains will be moving to this system on the dates noted above to help alleviate traffic and enhance the guest experience. This includes the Deer Park and Hidden Valley overflow lots at Alpine.

Will there be other options to get to the resort?

Yes, in addition to the number of free shuttles that are already offered, potential transportation initiatives for the public in the 2023-2024 season include:

    • Expanding the Sherwood Shuttle that services the West Shore.
    • Introducing carpool incentives
    • Working with local agencies to advance transportation options for our guests and employees

Does this impact people who are willing to get to the resort very early in the morning?

Yes, this program will apply and be in effect for all guests on the dates noted above to help alleviate traffic and enhance the guest experience.

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