FIS Announces 5-Year Strategic Plan


The International Ski & Snowboard Federation has published the strategic goals that it hopes will deliver value for all its stakeholders. NEW

It is the first five-year strategy under the new FIS leadership and outlines the priority and focus areas that FIS hopes will accelerate the development of the federation and its disciplines.

Being environmentally responsible is claimed to be at the heart of the plan.

“Given that our sport is particularly vulnerable to climate change, it is essential that we lead the way on climate action and have the strength and foresight to make a difference and protect our working environment,”said FIS.

The plan claims to be “unapologetically bold”, identifying many opportunities that are ready to be exploited for the good of FIS and its stakeholders.

“FIS is excited to be able to tackle so many different areas of its sports at the same time, which demonstrates just how many opportunities lie untapped and under-exploited,” the Federation said as it published the plan.

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1. To promote and develop competitive skiing and snowboarding globally.

2. To encourage people from all backgrounds to participate in snowsports.

3. To motivate and inspire recreationalists by showcasing our snowsports universe
through competitions, athletes, resorts, content, stories and experiences.

4. To support our athletes, including younger generations and people with impairment.

5. To organise a hierarchy of international competitions and create pathways from
national competitions through to the highest levels of FIS World Cups, FIS World
Championships, FIS Games, and Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

6. To provide technical support to the Organising Committees, such that all com-
petitions are of the highest possible standard and integrity, with investment in
athlete safety of paramount importance.

7. To maintain FIS’s long-established policy of limiting any negative impact on the
environment in which our sport takes place, whilst seeking to ensure that all
steps are taken to act responsibly towards our climate and be carbon positive.

8. To promote extensive coverage of competitions in the media, promoting our
sport as widely as possible, and encouraging support from partners.

9. To generate additional financial resources and investment through our commercial activities thereby increasing our ability to support and invest in global growth. FIS will make significant financial contributions to FIS member National Ski Associations to help develop their own activities, and through that increase our footprint of engaged fans and participants.

Kandahar World Cup, Chamonix. Image © PlanetSKI

Kandahar World Cup, Chamonix. Image © PlanetSKI

The plan has been nearly two years in the making.

It started in late 2021 when 15 Working Groups involving 60 NSAs and 105 members were established to provide input on a range of topics.

The findings from these groups were then reported back in Spring 2022 and the Strategic Planning Committee was formed shortly afterwards.

The committee then embarked on in-depth NSA consultation through a series of online and in person Feedback Forums, which finished at the end of February 2023.

Thereafter, this first edition was created, which is intended to be a high level, macro document that provides a vision and guides a direction the future of FIS.

“We created this Strategic Plan for the benefit of generations to come. We want future generations to inherit a strong, healthy sport that we can all be proud of,” said FIS President Johan Eliasch.

“The Strategic Plan is full of opportunities. Together, let us make them happen.”

See here for the full details of The Strategic Plan.

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