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Mammoth Mountain Making Progress On New Chairlift


A major upgrade is coming to Mammoth Mountain next season, as The Canyon Express (16) is currently being removed. In its place will be a new Doppelmayr D-Line high-speed six-pack chairlift. One of its main features will be an enclosed top and bottom terminal, protecting the lift against wind holds. After the lift closes each day, the chairs be put in an enclosed space, allowing them to stay out of the elements during storm cycles.

This week, Mammoth provided a construction update for the Canyon Express chairlift replacement. So far, the bottom terminal has been demolished, and the lift towers are beginning to be taken down. A hurdle that they’ve had to overcome is the massive amount of snowfall that they’ve received this season. With the need to demolish the old lift, significant snow clearance has been required. In spite of these hurdles, the new Canyon Express is expected to open during the 2023-24 season.

A full breakdown of the first steps of the project is below:

Image/Video Credits: Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain

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