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Survivalist YouTuber Fined $6000 For Illegally Fishing In National Park


Back in 2019, survivalists Gregory Ovens and Zachary Fowler participated in a thirty-day survival challenge. The duo, which met on Season 3 of the History Channel’s Alone series, posted videos of the challenge on YouTube. In the midst of the challenge, the two of them fished in Banff National Park. While they both obtained fishing licenses, they didn’t realize that the mountain lakes had switched to catch and release a few years before their survival videos were made.

The CBC News reports that Gregory Ovens was fined $6000 CAD in April after pleading guilty to illegal fishing under the Canada National Parks Act. Greg originally faced six charges, but his guilty plea dropped five of them. He will need to release a video apologizing for his actions but will avoid going to jail. The judge ruled that it was likely Gregory didn’t know about the rules, but he still found Greg’s actions to be reckless.

Meanwhile, his counterpart, Zachary Fowler, is still wanted in Alberta, with the province issuing a warrant for his arrest. Zachary, who’s originally from Maine, remains active on his YouTube channel.

Image/Video Credits: Gregory Ovens, Zachary Fowler (pictured above)

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