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Burton Snowboards Drops New Pride Collection Collab With Happy Impulse


“We’re proud to announce the first Burton Pride Collection designed in collaboration with Happy Impulse (aka Roberta Hall), the winner of our 2022 Design Your Pride contest for LGBTQ+ artists.” –Burton Snowboards

Digging this new collab between Burton Snowboards and artist Roberta Hall aka Happy Impulse. Last year Burton launched their Design Your Pride contest to highlight queer artists in the snowboard community and they invited the winner, Roberta Hall, to join the product team at their HQ in Burlington, Vermont to design a line. The gear is super rad BUY HERE.

“The brief: Be yourself and show up. So, I did. I didn’t have to put rainbows on anything. In fact, the whole collection is black and white. It felt fitting—Happy Impulse means finding joy in life’s bullshit. The message in this collection is simple: Show up as you. Show up as an ally. Show up as someone who supports the community. Do it for your friends, do it for your creativity.” – Roberta Hall

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Happy Impulse—aka Roberta Hall—is an artist, political activist, and hell-raiser from the United States. Her art focuses on the satirical and subversive, bringing vivid colors and pop-culture to her dark humor.

Happy Impulse believes art should be action. It should make people think. And shouldn’t waste the opportunity to create change for good. She will be a loud voice in this world until she no longer has one.

Fuck being silent. Give sound to your strength.

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