Four Dead in Boating Accident in Italian Alps


Two Italian intelligence agents and a retired Israeli security forces member were among four victims of a boating disaster. The 50-year-old Russian wife of the boat’s captain was the fourth victim. NEW

The vessel with more than 20 people and crew sank in strong winds.

They were believed to be celebrating a birthday.

The accident happened on a Lake Maggiore in northern Italy between the towns of Sesto Calende and Arona on the southern side of the Alps.

A storm quickly developed over the lake turning into what officials describe as a “small hurricane”.

Everyone onboard went into the water, and the survivors swam ashore or were rescued by other boats.

The authorities have released the names of those who died.

The Italians are 62-year old Claudio Alonzi and Tiziana Barnobi, who was 53.

The Israeli was identified as Shimoni Erez, aged 50.

Anya Bozhkova, 50, was the wife of the boat’s skipper.

An investigation is underway.

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