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WATCH: Snowboarder & His Dog Explore Abandoned Colorado Ski Resort


Out of all of the abandoned ski resorts in Colorado, Geneva Basin is among the most interesting. First opened back in 1963, Indianhead, which eventually became known as Geneva Basin, began with two lifts operating. It closed in 1984 after  a chair fell off the Duck Creek lift.

Geneva Basin was forced by the Colorado Tramway Board to keep their lifts closed until they made necessary repairs to their lifts. Geneva Basin, which had financial issues throughout its history, couldn’t afford the repairs, and it remained closed. The U.S. Forest Service decided to burn down the base lodge in 1993 due to vandalism and fire concerns.

Called the most famous abandoned ski resort in Colorado by the Denver Post, the mountain remains open to backcountry skiing and hiking. Back in 2021, YouTuber Ninja on the Mountains posted a video of him and his dog shredding at Geneva Basin.

The video tour, which is down below, includes the skin-up, the exploration of the old patrol/warming hut, which features an incredible vintage trail map, and the shredding down the slopes. For me, the highlight was seeing the dog running through the snow, absolutely vibing out to the wintry scenes.

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Image/Video Credits: The Ninja on the Mountains, skimap.org

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