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WATCH: Woman Takes Up Surfing At 70, Finds Friendship & Purpose In The Water


“It’s interesting that when women hit their 50s, we run the risk of feeling invisible, of disconnecting from society, or sometimes, even losing jobs because we’re told we’re too old. We begin to wonder where we fit in the world. For many of us, our kids leave home, and without the immediate responsibilities of parenting, we can feel lost. Others of us find ourselves sandwiched between caring for our kids and our ageing parents. The impacts on our self-esteem and self-confidence, is very real.” Taking Off Documentary

72-year-old Margaret Cummins caught her first wave just a few years ago, at 70. It took months for her to properly stand up, but she did it, and after catching her first party wave and realizing she had found an incredible community, she received an invitation to join an all female surf group, Surf Witches Boardriders Club.

Taking Off: Tales of Older Women Who Surf  tells Margaret’s story, along with the stories of 5 other women aged 59 to 72, as they work to share their love of the ocean, waves, and nature.

“We can now say that a strong women’s surfing movement is emerging in Australia and around the world, where we can find an active community and unconditional support no matter your age or skill level. For older women with all the changes going on in our lives, this is a great blessing.”  Taking Off Documentary

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Image Credit: Taking Off Documentary

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