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Top 5 Products To Elevate Your Summer Glamping Experience


Look, we all love the idea of backpack camping. Getting out into the wilderness, removing yourself from society and technology, and really pushing yourself to become immersed in nature is such a great experience. But from time to time, we all need to do a little GLAMPING. For those who don’t know, glamping, of course, refers to the idea of glorious camping. Just because you’re going out into nature doesn’t mean you need to give up all the benefits of society!

If you’re planning a thru hike or a general backpacking trip, I can almost 100% guarantee that you’ll want to pack nothing on this list. However, if you’re off on a romantic getaway, a casual trip with friends, or a family outing, each of these products have the opportunity to up your comfort and fun in the wilderness just a little bit more.

Psyclone Tents 19 Foot Bell Tent – $1090

Why deal with a lightweight 4-person tent (which definitely can only fit one or two people comfortably) when you can setup this 19′ wide x 11′ tall behemoth at your campsite? The 19 foot bell tent from Psyclone Tents features two six feet tall doors, secondary fly screen doors, four air vents, and a removable floor. With space for up to four double beds, you can fit the whole family or friend group, or just rock it by yourself or with just one other for the ultimate luxury.

Psyclone does have several smaller size options, in case 19-feet is too big. But for true glamour, space is key. The 19-foot option goes for $1090, the 16-foot starts at $845, and the 13-foot starts at $649.

BenQ GS50 1080p Portable Projector – $799

Obviously the point of camping is to enjoy nature, so we encourage you to put your phone and other devices away while at a campsite. A multi-day camping trip with kids, though, can get a bit tough without an alternative form of entertainment. When it comes down to the last minute of boredom, host a remote outdoor family movie night with the GS50 Portable Projector from BenQ.

The GS50 allows for 150 minutes of projection on one charge (dependent on the type of media, of course), so you should be able to fit one or two movies in before you’ll have to find an outlet. If you just need some tunes, the device will work as bluetooth speaker for a solid 360 minutes on one charge, so wilderness BBQs don’t need to be tuneless. Devices, including phones, can connect either wirelessly or with USB, so you won’t need to bring your computer on your camping trip.

RinseKit PRO PAK Portable Shower– $449.95

Camping often goes hand in hand with a lack of cleanliness. Showering while living out of a tent might mean swimming in the local lake or pond or, possibly even worse, using the communal campsite showers. Instead, grab the 4.5 Gallon PRO PAK Portable Shower from RinseKit.

The PRO PAK features 12v 5Ah battery powered pressurization with a continuous water pressure of 50 PSI (the typical home is somewhere between 45 and 55 PSI). With 1-inch thick insulated walls, your shower water won’t be freezing when you go to clean yourself off, and the waterproof exterior means you likely won’t have to worry about the weather. Plus, with 4.5 gallons, you’ll have enough water for several people to quickly shower (or enough for one nice, long shower if you’re feeling selfish).

RinseKit has plenty of other portable shower options as well (including one designed to be mounted on your car’s roof rack), so make sure to check out their website to find the perfect one for you.

Anker PowerHouse 521 – $219.99

Now that you’ve got a battery powered shower, a battery powered projector, and probably one or more smartphones, you’ve got to wonder how you’re going to charge any of them when it comes to it. Sure, you can plug them into your car, but that risks killing your car battery if you’re not careful. A power bank, of course, is the way to go.

With the Anker PowerHouse 521‘s 256Wh capacity, you have the potential to charge your phone 20 times, your laptop 3.5 times, or run a lamp for 31 hours. Plus, this power bank has USB inputs, USB-C inputs, a car socket, and just straight up outlet inputs, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right chord. When you finally run the battery down on this guy, it only takes an hour and a half to return to 80% charge, so you won’t have to wait long. This guy’s pretty small, so it won’t take up too much room, and it has a mellow built in lamp to peacefully light up the table it sits on.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Go 128 – $149

Does every camping trip require beer? No. Do you need beer to enjoy nature? No. Does beer add a little something to any outdoor adventure? Absolutely. Cans and bottles are great, but beer fresh out of the tap is something different, and finding a way to bring that on your glamping trip will surely elevate the glamour you seek.

The GrowlerWerks uKeg Go 128 allows you to bring 128 oz. (8 pints) of CO2 pressurized beer wherever you plan on going. The double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation will keep your brew nice and cold all day, and the keg tap on the top makes pouring incredibly easy. All you need is some CO2 cartridges and a thirst for a nice drink. Those of you who want something smaller can opt for the 64 oz. uKeg Go, making things a bit lighter if you plan on enjoying a pint at the end of a hike.

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