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VIDEO: Cowboy Lassos Bull Running Down Busy Michigan Interstate


“As he was fighting, I put another rope on it and kind of worked as a team after that. It’s kind of scary seeing something like that run out on the highway because it’s a 1,200 pound animal running out into people that don’t know what’s going on.” Trina Resendez

Wild high speed pursuit caught by a State Trooper’s dashcam on Michigan’s I-75 involving a couple professional cowcatchers and a loose steer. WXYZ reports Michigan State Troopers weren’t quite sure what to do when a bull was reported to be trotting down the highway so they called in a professional cowboy and cowgirl to handle the job.

Ricky Littlejohn and his fiance Trina Resendez showed up with horses, dogs and course some rope to wrangle the wayward beast. The scene was straight out of a corny movie and if it wasn’t on video you’d find it hard to believe.  All in a days work for a couple seasoned cowpoke:

“We do this almost every day, but not on a highway.” –Ricky Littlejohn

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