Eygpt Wins Best Event for World Snow Day


Ski Egypt is a first time World Snow Day host and staged a well-rounded event last season. It picked up a prize of CHF 10,000 – £8,940. NEW

World Snow Day took place last January and is organised by the International Ski & Snowboard Federation.

The World Snow Day Awards take place every two years and recognises the best actions to bring children to the snow on World Snow Day.

The first phase of the campaign, called SnowKidz, was launched in 2009.

The SnowKidz project aims to encourage FIS Member National Ski Associations to promote snow sports within their country.

World Snow Day looks beyond the FIS membership to the wider snow sports community.

It seeks to motivate children aged from 4-14 by encouraging all stakeholders to celebrate all things snow around the world simultaneously.

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The Best World Snow Day is the most coveted prize in the World Snow Day Awards.

To be eligible, organisers must have over 500 participants.

FIS recognizes that achieving 500 participants is no small feat.

This year’s winner was Ski Egypt.

Ski Egypt is a first time World Snow Day host and staged a well-rounded event.

“Amongst the many actions, their work with persons with an intellectual disability stood out,” said a statement from FIS.

“To achieve this Ski Egypt partnered with Special Olympics Egypt and provided free ski lessons for groups of special needs persons during the World Snow Day period.”

The World Snow Day Awards included three other categories:

The first is the Line Honors category.

Line Honors recognizes the first event to register for World Snow Day 2023.

Registration opens on the 1st July each year.

This year’s Award went to Snowboard Club Peru who registered their event at 08:02:22am.

Most Creative

The Most Creative category recognizes Organisers who have executed actions on World Snow Day that showcase creativity.

For 2023 the Award for Most Creative was won by Jahorina Olympic Center (Bosnia Herzegovina) who together with TechnoAlpin produced an action called “A Thousand Skis for Children”.

The activation saw 300 pairs of skis donated.

100 of those pairs were provided to children on World Snow Day and the remaining 200 will be given away during future events in the season.

The Jahorina team, together with TechnoAlpin, will look to obtain another 700 pairs of skis.

Best World Small World Snow Day

The category with the most entrants, the Best Small World Snow Day recognizes events that are under 500 participants.

This year’s Best Small World Snow Day category saw 31 entrants and was won by Levi Ski Resort.

FIS would like to provide an honourable mention to Blind River Ski Club and their efforts to engage schools.

The engagement of schools is key criteria in the judging of the Best Small World Snow Day category.

FIS would like to thank all Organisers for their continued work and effort to bring children to

The full list of results can be viewed here.

For more information on World Snow Day visit www.worldsnowday.com.

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