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This Removable Camper Pod Will Take The New Electric VW Bus To The Next Level


The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is coming to the United States. When? Well, we don’t really know yet, but the US reveal is set to occur in 2023 and rumor has it that the vehicle will be available by 2025. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the ID Buzz is VW’s electric minivan/microbus, and looks quite a bit like the classic.

The European version of the vehicle currently features three rows of seats, making it a great vehicle for child filled families. But let’s be honest for a second. Nobody is looking at this van as a family vehicle, you’re looking at it as a van-life-van. But maybe you want options. The abilities to both drive a bunch of your friends around in a clean, electric vehicle and take a crusty Walmart-parking-lot-filled ride across the country. That’s where Slide Pods come in.

This bad boy features a double burner/sink unit, a king-sized bed setup, a fresh water tank & sewage tank, an integrated gas system, tons of storage, and much more. The biggest feature, of course, is that it’s pretty easily removable. You won’t need to tear anything out and you won’t need to make any permanent installations. You’ll have both a quite large minivan and a perfect road-trip ready vehicle all in one, just with this piece.

The Slide Pod is currently not available in the United States (which makes sense, as the ID. Buzz is currently not available in the United States). But, in the United Kingdom, the ID. Buzz Slide Pod currently runs for £4,305 (~$5304 USD). Not a terrible price to pay for such an awesome upgrade by any means. (There are a bunch of other options, including some for vehicles sold in the United States, but they still don’t appear to be sold in the U.S.).

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Image Credit: Slidepods via YouTube

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