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Buy Some Coffee To Support The New England Mountain Bike Association


What better way to support your local mountain bike trail associations than ripping down a delicious coffee in the morning? There are definitely plenty of other ways, and we strongly encourage you to figure out what organization is building and maintaining trails near you so you can give them support either through volunteer work or donations, but buying some coffee as a form of support is definitely still an awesome idea.

Fortunately, New Englanders who like to take advantage of their local mountain bike trails can now support the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) by doing exactly that! Atomic Coffee Roasters, based in Massachusetts, will donate $2 to NEMBA for every bag of their Singletrack Blend purchased.

“Atomic was founded by professional cyclists nearly thirty years ago, and we have active NEMBA members on our team today. We’re lucky to have many great trail options in New England, including Vietnam in the Hopkinton/Milford area, which is owned by NEMBA (the first MTB group to ever purchase its own land in 2003!).” Atomic Coffee Roasters via Instagram

Singletrack coffee, going for $18 a bag, is available both in store in Beverly, Massachusetts, and online for shipment across New England (and to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania). Those of you who aren’t really into the hot coffee grind, fear not. Atomic also offers a cold brew option, costing you an easy $35 for a pack of 12 cans.

Seriously though, if you plan on taking advantage of the trails in your area, support whatever organization is maintaining those trails. A lot of people are doing a lot of work just because they love riding, give them the love and credit they deserve. You can support NEMBA through direct donations here.

Image Credit: Atomic Coffee & Cold Brew via Instagram

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