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Spring Skiing: Your Guide to US Ski Resorts That Are Still Open


Cover Image: Killington, Vermont | Above Image: Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Despite late spring inching its way into summer, a number of ski resorts across the US remain open, ensuring enthusiasts can still carve their way through crisp snow. From the California to the picturesque landscapes of Vermont, a selection of resorts remain steadfast in providing winter sports activities.

Firstly, Colorado, an absolute paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, has several ski resorts still open. Arapahoe Basin is operational with 32 trails and 7 lifts. The resort received 13 inches of snowfall in the past six days, enriching its already fantastic terrain. Breckenridge Resort, another Colorado gem, has 73 trails open and 4 operating lifts, with 11 inches of fresh snow falling over the past week. Additionally, Winter Park offers 55 trails and 2 lifts and saw 9 inches of snowfall in the previous week.

On the other side of the map, the sunny state of California houses two impressive ski resorts: Mammoth and Palisades Tahoe. Both remain open, with Mammoth boasting 86 trails and 10 lifts, and Palisades Tahoe offering 82 trails and 6 lifts.

In the scenic landscapes of Utah, Brighton Ski Resort and Solitude Ski Resort remain operational. Brighton, though smaller with 4 trails and 1 lift, promises fun experiences, while Solitude provides a bit more variety with 26 trails and 4 lifts.

Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor and Timberline Lodge are still open as well, with Mt. Bachelor providing 74 trails and 3 lifts, and Timberline operating 5 lifts.

However, for those in Arizona and Washington, keep an eye on the reopening of Arizona Snowbowl and Crystal Mountain, both set to open on Saturday, May 20. Utah’s Snowbird also plans to welcome snow sports enthusiasts starting May 19.

And finally we have Killington Vermont which is still offering up skiing in the Northeast. Killington’s plan is to reopen on Friday, May 19 and remain open for the weekend.

While the snowfall is less frequent this late in the season, it’s clearly not stopping these resilient ski resorts from offering fantastic skiing opportunities to enthusiasts.

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