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93-Year-Old Becomes The Oldest To Visit All 63 National Parks Along Side Grandson


Remember that 92-year-old woman who’d visited 62 of the 63 National Parks throughout the United States with her grandson? We talked about the duo, popular on Instagram as Grandma Joy’s Road Trip, back in September of 2022. Just a few days ago, 8 years after they began their journey in 2015, Grandma Joy and her grandson Brad Ryan can officially say they’ve visited all 63 National Parks spread out across the United States.

Grandma Joy Ryan is now 93-years-old, and their final U.S. National Park was the only one located south of the equator, the National Park of American Samoa. According to Good Morning America, the duo intends to stay on the island for ten total days. Though this trip marks the end of their National Park journey, Brad says he and his grandmother intend to set their eyes on reaching all seven continents. In July, the duo is headed to Kenya for a National Geographic expedition, continuing to live the life we all wish we could.

Congratulations to this incredible pair. We look forward to hearing more about their current adventure, as well as what they have in store for the future!

“We have so much to share with you from the National Park of American Samoa. But today we are soaking up every ounce of joy coming our way from around the world. Your love and support was the fuel that got us to the finish line. We love you all.” – Brad and Grandma Joy on Intagram

Image Credit: Grandma Joy’s Road Trip via Instagram

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