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WATCH: What Climbing & Skiing Mt. Whitney Is Like During A Record Snow Year


The tallest mountain in the Lower 48 states is Mt. Whitney in California. With a peak elevation of 14,500′, it’s a bucket list destination for mountaineers and backcountry skiers alike. This has been especially true this winter, with California seeing a historic amount of snowfall.

YouTuber Hiking Nerd captured what the conditions were like on the climb up to the peak of Mt. Whitney, along with the ski descent down the steep slopes. The multi-day journey is not easy, and the final stretch features a strenuously steep climb to Mt. Whitney’s peak.

In terms of skiing itself, they go fairly slowly down the mountain. This is because, during much of the descent, they’re going through avalanche debris. While this isn’t the S-tier of skiing content, it gives you a perspective of what it takes to summit and go down this famous peak. The video from Hiking Nerd is down below.

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Image/Video Credits: Hiking Nerd

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