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FUNNY: 6 Simple Steps For Surviving A Trip To Yellowstone


It’s getting closer and closer to National Park season, that lovely time of year where the kings and queens of the couches step outside for a tour of the wilderness and our social media feeds slowly fill up with clips of moronic tourists trying to pet bison, bears, and other wild animals.

While those videos are sometimes fun to watch, you definitely don’t want to be a subject of one of those videos. Whether you get hurt or simply look like an idiot on camera, you probably won’t be having a very fun time when all your coworkers relentlessly make fun of you for being a complete idiot.

So, for the benefit of all you Yellowstone visitors (and visitors of any National Park, frankly), fly fishing guide and cub scout dropout Hank Patterson has some pretty darn easy tips for you to follow.

Obviously this video was mostly made with a humorous intent, but it’s still incredibly important to remember to stay the f@#k away from any wildlife you encounter in national parks! His other tips are pretty darn important too. Stay hydrated, hike with friends, STAY ON MARKED TRAILS, don’t stick your head in geysers, and take bear spray.

Follow those tips and you’ll probably have a solid time at Yellowstone. Don’t follow those tips and there’s a very likely chance you’ll wind up miserable.


Image Credit: Yellowstone National Park via Facebook

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