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VIDEO: Skier Falls .5 Miles After Crashing On Icy Slope


Ever wondered what it’s like to take a high speed extended crash down an icy ski slope? This dude was wearing a GPS watch when he caught an edge in the Austrian Alps and according to him he slid 1100 meters (3608.924 ft.) and hit a top speed of 50mph. Thankfully there was safety netting to arrest his uncontrolled descent or he may have ended up in Slovenia.

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Note: I did not know about self arresting, now I do and I agree it would probably have been the best course of action.
location: Zillertal Arena, 42 (black piste).

A friend and I went skiing on a very steep and icy slope (closed the previous day, during which the top layer of snow melted and froze again), I fell and didn’t manage to slow down. I learned my lesson and I hope some of you will too! Be very careful on steep, icy slopes and learn how to self arrest! I got lucky and managed to get away with just a few bruises.

I had an GPS speed app on at the moment, I fell whilst going around 55 km/h, then I did manage to get back to 40 km/h, but after that the slope got steeper and steeper and in the end, when I hit the net, I was going about 82 km/h! So i guess we could agree the net did a marvelous job.”

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