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Connecticut Woman Sues Keystone Claiming Injuries After Rescue Toboggan Sled Crash


Kathryn Stoupas of Connecticut has filed a lawsuit against Keystone Resort accusing the resort and two ski patrollers individually of negligence after allegedly suffering permanent injuries when rescue toboggan crashed at the ski resort back in 2021. She is seeking an undisclosed amount of to compensate for medical and rehabilitation expenses and loss of income during her recovery.

CBS Colorado reports Stoupas injured her shoulder near the bottom Geronimo ski run on February 18th, 2021. She requested help from Keystone’s ski patrol who showed up 30 minutes later. The complaint states Stoupas was loaded onto a rescue toboggan in an upright position without back support to be transported to the base.

During the descent the patrollers allegedly lost control of the toboggan at high speed while on the Lower Cat Dancer run and ended up tipping the sled onto it’s side at which point Stoupas dragged her face along the snow until it came to a stop.  The complaint claims Stoupas suffered further injury to her arm and shoulder (fractured humerus and nerve damage) and permanent scarring to her face.

Vail Resorts, which owns Keystone, said the company would not comment on ongoing litigation.   The civil suit was originally filed in Broomfield County. That case was closed and the lawsuit refiled May 2nd in Summit County. No court hearings have been scheduled. We will be sure to update this story as more information becomes available.

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