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WATCH: How Ski Patrollers Evacuate A Chairlift


Lift evacuations are one of the most fascinating scenarios that occur in the ski industry. It happens every once in a while, like at Whitefish Mountain Resort twice this season. This week, Killington Resort created a video tutorial to show what an evacuation looks like.

Here’s how it goes down: ski patrollers throw a sturdy rope over the lift cable and move from chair to chair to evacuate the passengers. When they reach someone, they give the evacuees a harness to attach around themselves. After the individual is attached, they slide off the lift, and the patroller slowly guides them down for a soft landing.

The video demonstration from The Beast of the East is below.


Ski patrol works hard to keep you safe! This is how they train to evacuate a chairlift in case of a rare emergency. #beast365 #killington #skipatrol #liftevac #howtheydoit

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Image/Video Credits: Killington Resort

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